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Top7 WordPress Maintenance Service Providers Reviewed

The business owners need to manage lot more things in order to grow their business online. Sometimes it becomes a daunting task for the business owners to maintain and run their Websites if they are not proficient enough to use the latest technologies while some business owners who are tech-savvy lack the time and resources to both maintain and run their websites.

Unfortunately, ignorance to WordPress site maintenance will result into slow loading times and increased chances of being hacked. Hence if you are a business owner, you must either learn everything about maintaining a WordPress website or hire someone who can maintain your WordPress for you.

To ease the situation WordPress maintenance and support services have come up with the solutions which help you manage your websites more effectively and efficiently.Every WordPress support and maintenance service is unique. You can choose any depending upon the services you need.

Here are the top 7, 24×7 WordPress support services available:-

Service Providers


WP Buffs








24x7WP Support




WP Site Care

WP Site Care

WP Site Care Pro

WP Tech Support

($25/ Month)



WP SitePlan



Support Pro

Webful Creations


Small Business


WordPress maintenance and support service providers simply help you remain on top of your business as they take care of your WordPress website’s health, performance, security etc to keep it running optimally.

Let’s have a detailed overview:

1. WP Buffs
WP Buffs provides the finest technical support to WordPress Websites of individuals, business and Organizations. 

Following are some striking and outstanding features of WP Buffs:

24/7 Support
Theybuilt their business around a 100% remote work environment, they have staff working from the US and across the globe which is ready to handle things quickly.

White-Label Outsourced WordPress Support and Maintenance
WP Buffs has a simple and effective white-label solution for Freelancer or Digital Agency. If you have clients or customers who need any kind of regular WordPress website maintenance, ongoing website edits, performance enhancements or additional security and help, they can provide aid by acting as your background technical partner.

Commendable Customer Reviews
WP Buffs’ prioritize on making its customershappy; it has got highly-rated reviews from the clientswhich have used or are using its service to maintain their WordPress Websites.

Donation for Good Causes
WP Buffs is known for donating for good causes. A significant part of payment from its client is utilized for helping causes. For Example: Portion of their revenue utilized for 100% free development time and care plan they donate to

WP Buffs offers these plans:
• Maintain ($67/Month)
• Protect ($147/Month)
• Perform ($197/Month)

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